Visit to Langkawi, Malaysia (Video) by Yasir Amin.
Eid Greetings from Tarik Javed Hazrovi to all Muslims.
Kaka Khail Iftar Party, Waisa (Hazro). Video & Pictures.
Yasir Amin’s visit to South Africa.
Coverage from IKTMC, H.K.
Interview with Tariq Khan (MD, Tariq Hotel)’ Hazro.
فیس بُک اکاؤنٹ آف یاسرامین حضروی
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    Pictures show the rush of people during a day in Ramazan ul Kareem at Ghazi Barotha Canal (G.B.C.) nearby Pakistan Motorway M1 crossing in the area of Nartopa village. Hundreds of people especially teenagers visit regularly in this hot month of blessed Ramazan to be cold in the icy water of Darya e Sindh (Indus)’s connected canal for Barotha. The Homeland security of Tehsil Hazro as well the security staff of G.B.C. strictly banned people to swim this unsecured canal but unfortunately some teenagers lost their lives while swimming this month. Ghazi-Barotha Canal is a 1,450 Megawatt run-of-the-river hydropower project on the Indus River in Pakistan. The Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project is a major run-of-river power project designed to meet the […]

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    Din Main 5 Time Namaz Parhain,

    Din Main 5 Time Namaz Parhain,
    Din Mai 5 time Namaz Parhne ko Apne Aadat Bana Lo,
    Sirf ye soch Kar k kya pata keh ye Aazan Tum Aakhry Bar Sun rahe ho?
    Kya pata Tmhara Rab Tumhai Aakhre bar Pukar Raha Hai?

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    Imteshal Khan D/o Sadiq Ali from Karsaz, Karachi. Family of this cute naughty doll belongs to Bahadur Khan village, Tehsil Hazro. Picture was captured during a Picnic Trip to Gardens, Karachi.  

بین الاقوامی کرنسی ریٹس /International Currency Rates Pakistan

سعودی عرب ریال / Saudi Arabia Riyals = 26.40
متحدہ عرب امارات درہم / UAE Dirham = 27.20
ہانگ کانگ ڈالر / Hong Kong Dollars = 12.60
برطانوی پاونڈ / United Kingdom Pounds = 169.5
امریکی ڈالر / United States Dollars = 99.60
یورو / Euro = 135.5
ملائیشین رنگٹ / Malaysian Ringgit = 30.40
کینیڈا ڈالر / Canada Dollars = 92.20
ڈینش کرون / Danish Krone = 17.9
عُمانی ریال / Omani Rial = 255.4
کویت دینار / Kuwait Dinars = 348.5
چینی یوآن / China Yuan Renminbi = 15.8


News against Ramazan Sasta Bazaar security system in Hazro City. - Copy Comments by Qazi Ahmad Akbar about long march of PTI on 14th August 2014. - Copy Press Release from Attock City Police Station against illegal residents in Attock City. - Copy News against Forest department’s security guard in Kala Chitta Paharh, District Attock. - Copy News against S.D.O. IESCO of Attock Cantt, low voltage of electricity in Jabbi Kasraan. - Copy Tthekedar, Article by Javed Choudhry . Poland se, Article byJaved Choudhry . News about deviding of Pakistan Muslim Leauge's members in district Attock. - Copy Press Release from Hazro Police Station about Police attack in Hattian village against criminals. - Copy Comments by Assistant Comessioner of Tehsil Hazro regarding to Ramzan Sasta Bazaar. - Copy News from Basia village, Taraveeh's Khatam ul Quran Report from Jamia Hanfia Ghosia Masjid. Basia, Tehsil Hazro. - Copy News about Mutakifeen in District Attock, report from Tehsil Hassan Abdal. - Copy Comments by Qazi Ahmad Akbar against policies of Shareef Baradraans, during his visit to Bradford, United Kingdom. - Copy