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Are you satisfied from progressive works by PML-N in Tehsil Hazro?

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    Some pictures & a video clip was captured yesterday while a Tractor driver from Hameed village was plowing a field in the area of Kalu Kalan nearby Hazro / Gondal Road. The land of Hazro Tehsil (Chhachh Valley) has a great perfect surface for all types of seasonal vegetables. In district Attock, the most agricultural tehsil is Hazro where wheat, corn and seasonal vegetables are the most grown. Some people also have fruits orchards but due to some problems like weather, they’re not found in a big range. Formers of this land like to use FIAT Tractor as compare to other brands which has a good result in all types of agricultural works. After all, fresh vegetable of tehsil Hazro […]

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    Din Main 5 Time Namaz Parhain,

    Din Main 5 Time Namaz Parhain,
    Din Mai 5 time Namaz Parhne ko Apne Aadat Bana Lo,
    Sirf ye soch Kar k kya pata keh ye Aazan Tum Aakhry Bar Sun rahe ho?
    Kya pata Tmhara Rab Tumhai Aakhre bar Pukar Raha Hai?

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    Famous political figure of Hazro City, Haji Ihsan Khan with his cute daughter while visiting a shop in Haji Abdul Ghaffar Khan Plaza. Hazro City.

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