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‘Interviews Section’

Interview with Janis Khan Lala H.K. of Sirka village (Hazro) in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

A short talk with Ismail Shahid. (A legend actor / producer of PTV Channel).

An exclusive Interview with Mushtaq Mohammad (Ex-National Cricketer of Pakistan Cricket Team) at West Midlands, United Kingdom.

An Interview with Attock City Ex-Nazim, Muhammad Akram Khan while his visit to Birmingham, UK.

An exclusive Interview with Haji Mohammed Ramzan, taken in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Interview with Muhammad Ayaz Khan (Chairman, Chhachh Public School & College, Tehsil Hazro).

Interview with Faiq Rehman of Sirka village (Hazro) in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Interview with Hakim M. Salim Khan, Mohsin Clinic of Natural Medicine, Leicester, England.

Interview with Qari Sahibzada Namaj Udin Haqqani (Hazrovi), Khateeb Jamia Masjid Ghousia, Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Yasir Amin’s Life~Lines, Question Answer Conversation by a Local Book Edition (Chhachh Kay Jagmagatay Sitaray).

Exclusive Interview with a social personality of Ghourghushti (Hazro), Mohammaed Hanif Dawaa, settled in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Interview with MAJID Khan WARDAG, Senior Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) London.

Interview with Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan (Chinese Hospital, Birmingham, U.K.).

Interview with Dr. Masud Akhtar of Nartopa village, (Hazro).

An exclusive Interview of Khalil Ahmed Bajwa (Consul General, Consulate of Pakistan in Bradford, United Kingdom).

Interview with Umar Nawaz Hazrovi (M.D. Supreme Halal Poultry UK Ltd, ) Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Interview of Nisar Ali Khan written in historical book of Tehsil Hazro,“Chhachh kay Jagmagatay Sitaray”.

Interview with Prime Minister Azad Jammu Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed in Birmingham, UK.