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My name is YASIR Amin (Hazrovi). I was born in Salim Khan village (Tehsil Hazro) on 23rd Aug, now settled in Hazro city.

About modern & religion studies:
  • Logo_Little_Size I got basic & secondary education from Hazro City.
  • Logo_Little_Size Completed Hifz ul Quran with some of Tajveed Course from a famous Jamia of Hazro City.
  • Logo_Little_Size Computer basic, Official & Designing course from Tareen Computer Academy, Hazro.
  • Logo_Little_Size Higher education, I got it from Hazro Government Degree College, Hazro.
  • Logo_Little_Size English language course, IELTS from ICONS College, Lala Rukh, Wah Cantt.
  • Logo_Little_Size Before this I was studying to get degree of ACCA at UCAT College Saddar Rawalpindi.
  • Logo_Little_Size Got a short course of Arabic language from Qazi Muhammad Yousaf, Hasan Abadal.
  • Logo_Little_Size Got Basic knowledge of Web designing (html & php) from Janzeb Int, Academy NR.
My interest:
  • Visiting Natural & Historical Places.
  • Information about all types of passenger Aircraft by all Airlines.
  • Long Route Journeys and find new places.
  • Work for my website ( http://www.HazroCity.com)
Personalities I like,
    • My favorite personality is Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. PBUH.
    • Abdul Sattar Edhi (Social personality of Karachi (Pakistan).
    • Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Atomic Scientist, Pakistan).
    • I love to listen the Bians (Speeches) of Maulana Tariq Jamil (Pakistan).
    •  Maulana Qari Tayyab Qasmi (Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong).
Natural habits:

I’m a person with diverse temperament, nature & mood. Rather very complicated, not easy to understand, making new friends my hobby. I like to be friendly & caring to everyone. I can’t see anyone in problem, (if I can solve it by hide position). No matter if the person is some one I knew well, or same one who’s completely a stronger to me, no matter if it’s my best friend, or my worst enemy, I just try to be loyal, caring & friendly. But never under estimate my intentions, because I have certain ways of being friends with certain people. I hate losing but now I’m getting used to it because sometime in the end, losing is also worth it.

Worldwide traveling:
I have been to a lot of Asian, African & Gulf countries as well to Australia!
  •     Logo_Little_Size S.Korea,    Logo_Little_Size Hong Kong,      Logo_Little_Size Singapore,      Logo_Little_Size Saudi Arab,     Logo_Little_Size  South Africa, Logo_Little_Size Australia,
  •  Logo_Little_SizeRepublic of China,  Logo_Little_Size India,  Logo_Little_Size Thailand,  Logo_Little_Size Macau,  Logo_Little_Size Philippine,   Logo_Little_Size  Republic of Kenya,
  • Logo_Little_Size Indonesia,  Logo_Little_Size Malaysia,   Logo_Little_SizeU.A.E.  Logo_Little_Size Sultanate of Oman,  Logo_Little_Size Sri Lanka,  Logo_Little_Size Ireland,
  •             Logo_Little_Size United Kingdom.         Logo_Little_Size Islamic Republic of Turkey.


 About my international trips:

On international trip I went to Thailand first, After two weeks I went to Hong Kong and South Korea for seven days. Enjoyed Lotto World, Jamia Masjid of Seoul & Khawanak area, went to PeopleRepublic of China four times (Shenzhen, Xing Tong etc,).  On my return to Pakistan I stayed a short time in Singapore. Liked the clean roads, huge shopping centers, Concord Hotel & Mustafa Plaza.

On my second international trip, I went to Saudi Arab in the holy month of Ramadan in 2005. Most of the  time I spent in lovely city Madina-tul-Munawwara (Masjid E Quba, Masjid E Nabavi, Masjid E Qiblatain, Tareeq E Sultana, etc), went for performing Hajj in Makkah (January month Hajj in 2006) from Madina-tul-Munawwara. Visited all the holy places in Makkah-tul-Mukarrama (Ghar E Hira, Ghar E Sor, Janatul Ma’ala, Masjid e Aisha, Masjid e Jin, Asqaan Camp etc), also made a day trip to Badar city for visiting the Badar battle ground, Holy Grave Yard, Jamia Masjid via Aab e Shifa Well which is located on the way to Madina tul Munawwara.

On my next international trip I went to see Gulf countries, so destinations were Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates. On the invitation of G.M. Qadri (Director of Pakistan Social Club, Muscat) and CEO of (Minhaj International Trading, Muscat). Enjoyed Matrah, MuscatLong Beach, Mutrah Souq, Rowi, Sahaar, Old Muscat, Sultan Qaboos Grand Masjid. After then I went to United Arab Emirates after visiting Sultanate of Oman. Deira Dubai, Alfajeerah, Ra’s Al-Khaima, Ummul Queen, Abu Dhabi, Shajrah were full of latest construction with traditional Arabic culture. On my UAE visit, I liked Burj Al-Khalifah (WorldTallestBuilding), Dubai Muesum, The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Marina, The Dubai Mall and other tourist places. After visiting U.A.E.DubaiAirport is also really amazing & full of latest technology equipment and construction which is impressive to every tourist.

About my 5th International six countries trip, I went to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) via Colombo (Srilanka) from JinnahInternationalAirport, Karachi. Spent a night stay in Hotel Ramada (Colombo) then forward to Kulala Lumpur. Really impressive designing of KULAirport. On first entry to Malaysia stayed in Puchung Perdana town. After few days I was flew to Indonesia, then to Philippine, China & back to Malaysia. After a week went twice to Singapore and on return back to Pakistan I flew again to Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

On my 6th International trip, I went to Hong Kong S.A.R. and China by PIA from Islamabad via Bangkok (Thailand) in the end of Aug, 2012. Dozens of Pakistani People settled Hong Kong welcome Me at ChekLapKokInternationalAirport, Hong Kong and honor Me like Ambassador of Hazro / Chhachh. After busy & tuff schedule of 14days in Hong Kong, went to China for some days & then back again to Hong Kong by KCR. It was really great honor for Me from Pakistani people, settled in Hong Kong give respect and hospitality. After two weeks visit again in Hong Kong, I was back to Pakistan on the same route.

My 7th International trip was to Hindustan (India), the country full of tradition and historical places. I went to India using Bab e Azadi (Wagha / Ataari Land Boarder) from Lahore. Enjoyed the hospitality of Punjabi people in Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalendhar. Captured lot of videos and pictures, the people of Ludiana and Amritsar really care for Pakistanies, Thanks to them.

Me went on 8th International journey to Kashgar (China) by using KhunjerabPass (World highest level road boarder of the world) by NATCO Transport System. Amazing views of Hunza, Sost, Khunjerab and Tashkurgan. A road journey of three days from Islamabad never give you chance to be bore, always a new view on every turn of Karakuram Highway as well of Ata Abad (Hunza) Lake with blue lush water. Spent four days in the historical city of China and back on the same direction by Chinese Transport system to Sost (Pakistan).

At next, My journey was ready to go African sub-continent. I flown from KarachiInternationalAirport for Nairobi (Kenya) via Dubai (UAE) by PIA & Kenya Airways. I spent 10days there in Republic of Kenya and really enjoyed the Jungle Safari & other traditional cultural points of Kenya. After then I traveled to Johannesburg (South Africa) by Kenya Airways and visits Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & some of other tourist points. South Africa is really a tourist paradise and mostly Europeans visit there for holidays. Heli Safari, visit to Cape Point (End of the land world on African side) & Monti Casino really memorable points during my visit to R.S.A. After 20days visit in Republic of South Africa I flown to United Arab Emirates via Kenyatta Int, Airport. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shajra, Ajman, Al-Ain, Ras Al-Khema are really good points to visit in United Arab Emirates. Desert Safari, Burj Al-Khalifa (At the top), Jabal Hafeet, Qasar Abu Dhabi etc were amazing points for visiting. After 24days visit to UAE, I flown back to the capital of Pakistan Islamabad by PIA.

On next, I went to four countries visit on summer holidays 2014. I went to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) via Colombo. Then visited twice Singapore, after returning from there, I went to Thailand as well. I really like the tourist attraction points of Thailand and enjoyed the summer holidays. On returning back to Pakistan, I went again to Sri Lanka.

About my last trip, I came to United Kingdom on visit via Abu Dhabi (UAE) & Dublin (Ireland). Now adays visiting Birmingham city after a superb visit of Scotland and Manchester. A good sum of people from my city area are settled here from starting of 1960. On returning back, I will visit Turkey and some of other countries before going to homeland (Pakistan).

My favorite hobbies:

       Visiting informative places (National & International), biking, long drive, hiking, I like to make friends & visit around the world. Mostly visiting places of Pakistan I have been visited & some international destinations, also I like to get info about commercial Airlines / Airports. I have saved more then 5,000 pictures & 500 movie clips of airlines, in pictures most wanted Airlines are Cathay Pacific, Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates & Singapore Airlines. About Airports, Dubai INT DXB United Arab Emirates, Manchester MAN Ringway, United Kingdom & Melbourne Tullamarine Airport MEL, Australia.

 To Summarize:

Work for my Hazro city & Chhachh valley, visiting (National / International), and getting info about Aircrafts / Airports are my favorite hobbies. Giving time as well to my Gold Jewelry Shop in Hazro. (I don’t like music etc,). Sometime I like funny & adventure movies. I don’t like poetry, I like those Movies, which becomes popular and then I began to watch them, Otherwise I thought that may be I will waste the time. I like to write my daily routine dairy, I have saved my daily routine information since 1996.

Thanks for reading about Me…

Amin YASIR Hazrovi.  Mobile Phone #, +(92) 300 549 8751  /  F.B: Yasir Amin  / yasir@hazrocity.com