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‘Events Videos’

An outclass Mushaira “Jishan e Bahara’an Aman Mushaira 2015” was held under the management of T.M.A. in Hazro City.

Ibrahim Khan S/o Anwar Khan (UK) and Jawad Khan S/o Imtiaz Khan (Sirka)’s Walima Ceremony at Tulip Marriage Hall, Attock.

Green Land Snooker Club Tournament Final Match in Hazro.

Yasir Amin with Malala Yousafzai (The youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) and others while in remembrance of the Martyrs of Peshawar (16 Dec, 2014). Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Protest Video & Pictures from Fawara Chowk, Hazro against Gustakh e Rasool Fawara.

Seith Muhammad Parvez & Yasir Amin’s visit to “The Skill Show” in N.E.C. Birmingham City, United Kingdom.

Funding Dinner for Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf’s Protest in Islamabad by PTI Midland, at Birmingham City, United Kingdom.

Opening ceremony of Chhachh kay Jagmagatay Sitaray (Book), written by Imran Khan Hazrovi at Jinnah Hall, TMA, Hazro.

Independence Day of Pakistan ( 14 August) Celebration Boat Trip by Chhachhies in Hong Kong under the management of Janis Khan Lala, Hong Kong.

A tribute to Major Zubair Shaheed (Pak Army) of Kalu Kalan by T.M.A. Management, Tehsil Hazro.

Independence Day Ceremony (01 Aug to 14 Aug), Archive. Games Under Management of T.M.A, Hazro.

14 August (Independence Day) Ceremony at T.M.A. Hazro.

Football Match Video & Pictures in Govt College Hazro.

Mehfil e Mushaira during 14 August (Independence Day), 2014 Ceremonies, TMA Hazro.

Pictures were captured during Mehfil Husn e Qirat during Independence Day (14 August) Ceremonies in TMA, Hazro.

Badminton Game Pictures in TMA Haal Hazro.

Race Video during 14 August 2014 Ceremonies by TMA in Jinnah Cricket Stadium, Hazro.

Pictures captured during Snooker Competition during Independence Day (14 August) 2014 Ceremonies by T.M.A. Hazro.