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‘Our Trips’

Hazro boys trip to Kalash valley (Chitral), attended Chilam Joshi Festival 2015.

Some of pictures while on trip to Bamburat, Kalash valley (District Chitral), Pakistan to celebrate Chilam Jhosht Festival 2015 from Hazro City.

Yasir Amin’s visit to united Arab Emirates 2015 (video clips).

visit to Great Britain’s famous town named Redditch, a town near Birmingham City, U.K.

Some pictures were captured in Narowal district of Punjab, Pakistan while on visit to a Goraia Rice Mill (Manak).

Yasir Amin’s visit to Pakistan Monument Park, Islamabad. A national monument representing the nation’s four provinces and three territories to the tourists.

A day with Muhammad Haneef while visiting Burj Khalifa and adjoining area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Lunch Party arranged by Imtiaz Ahmad Kakakhail in honor of Yasir Amin Hazrovi during his visit to Dubai.

A journey on Lahore Metro Bus Service, Video and Images.

Yasir Amin Hazrovi’s visit to Narowal Sector, Punjab (Pakistan India boarder) with Fazal Wahab (Lahore).

Burj Al Arab (Dubai): Dinner treat arranged by Mohammad Rafiq of Waisa (Hazro) in honor of Yasir Amin Hazrovi, 22 Jan 2015.

Yasir Amin’s visit to Istanbul (Turkey), January 2015. Videos & Pictures captured while visit to tourist places in Istanbul.

Yasir Amin while talk with Seith Muhammad Parvez & friends, Heathrow Airport, Turkish Airlines inflight videos and Images.

A visit to 10 Number Deira by Chhachhi people in Bradford, U.K. by Yasir Amin (Hazro) and Seith Muhammad Parvez (Birmingham).

Yasir Amin Hazrovi’s visit to Sheffield City, United Kingdom. Videos & Images captured along with Chhachhi people and other tourist attraction points in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Pakistan International Airline’s landing and takeoff at Manchester Int, Airport, United Kingdom.

Pictures with friends of Chhachh valley, settled in Sheffield, United Kingdom, captured by Yasir Amin during trip to United Kingdom 2014.

Yasir Amin’s visit to Bradford & Leeds, Videos & Images.