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‘Our Trips’

Yasir Amin Hazrovi’s trip to England, Pictures captured with Chhachhi friends while visiting London City.

Yasir Amin Hazrovi’s trip to The British Museum in London City with Afzal Khan Lala of Formuli village, (Chhachh).

Visit to London City’s some of tourist attraction points, United Kingdom.

Birmingham, UK: Pictures captured last Friday with District Attock friends, settled in U.K.

Pictures captured while visiting Bradford City’ Part 02, Yasir Amin’s trip to UK~2014. YASIR Amin, 0044 7478 457211

Yasir Amin’s visit to Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

A visit to Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Pictures captured with friends while 1st day in Bradford City (Yasir Amin’s visit to United Kingdom Trip 2014).

A video Documentary in Birmingham City, United Kingdom.

Yasir Amin Hazrovi’s visit to Scotland, Pictures collection while visiting attraction points and meeting with friends.

A visit to Birmingham City Center with Chhachhi friends. (Video & Images)

Yasir Amin’s trip to Birmingham (United Kingdom) from Hazro City via Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Dublin (Ireland).

A visit to Sirka village, Tehsil Hazro. (Video Clips & Images on 04 Pages).

Yasir Amin’s trip to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Sri Lanka. VIDEO COLLECTION on 04 PAGES.

Murree Pakistan, Nathia Galli, visit Pakistan, Summer Vacation in Pakistan, Tourism in Pakistan, Yasir Amin Hazrovi, Murree Hills, New Murree Chair Lift.

Yasir Amin & friends on trip to Sri Lanka. Pictures and Videos collection by HazroCity.com

A visit to Historical Railway Station of Pakistan (Attock Khourd), Built in 1883 by British Government, District Attock.

My Trip to Langkawi Islanad, Malaysia. June 2014.