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Some pictures were captured while a roof leinter was constructed nearby Malho Morh in Waisa village.

Yasir Amin (Hazro) and Saeed Ahmad of Adalzai (Hazro) while attending a meeting against Drugs and importance of Anti-Narcotics force at RCCI, Rawalpindi.

Hazro / Chhachh friends visit to Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Annual Awards distribution Ceremony at Darul Uloom Khuddam ud Din in Saleem Khan village, Tehsil Hazro 2015.

President of Jamiat Ulma e Islam, Ex-President Hizb e Ikhtilaf and Chairman of Kashmir Committee Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman’s 03days visit to Hong Kong.

A prestigious inauguration ceremony of rescue 1122 was hosted in Hazro City.

Young Pakistani Sports Pilot Muhammad Abdul Jalil belongs to Tehsil Hazro while attending his flying classes in Lahore and Birmingham.

Dinner by Muhammad Hanif in honor of Miss Melita and Yasir Amin at Bur Dubai, UAE.

Walima Ceremony of Sharjeel Ahmad S/o Seith Muhammad Ishaq (Khak Phahapa), resident of Mohallah Maqbara, Hazro.

Dinner Party arranged by Shahid Amin and Yasir Amin in honor of friends from Tehsil Hazro.

A visit to “The Centaurus”, the top famous Mall of Pakistan.

Atif Hussain So Haji Fida Hussain (Hong Kong & China) and Ali Hussain’s Marriage (Walima) Ceremony in Damaan village (Tehsil Hazro).

Chaach Public School and College Samaan Road Hazro Attock Punjab Pakistan, free education in Chhachh Punjab Pakistan, Chhachh Public School Hazro 01

A visit to western Chhachh’s famous religious Darasgah “Darul Uloom Rasheedia” Basia village, Tehsil Hazro.

Picture was captured in Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates with friends of Totalai village (Bunair Valley, Pakistan).

Boiled Spicy Red Bean Dish is a famous evening time fast food dish of whole Khyber Pukhonkhuwa province of Pakistan.

Some pictures were captured with friends of Musa village (Tehsil Hazro) while visiting Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

A group photo was captured two days before in Sherani village while Shafaqat Shah Sherazi visiting Pakistan from Tung Chung, Hong Kong.