‘Today Picture’

Some pictures were captured in a small green village of Tehsil Hazro named Aba Bakar.

Some pictures were captured in the western area of Chhachh valley while former were working in vegetable field at evening.

Picture was captured from Daak Banglow road toward Hazro city in front of lush green fields of Mohallah Bani.

Pictures were captured in a lush green field nearby Col. Shujah Shaheed College for Boys in Hazro City.

Some pictures were captured while traveling from Basia village to Shah Pur (Shams Abad) in Tehsil Hazro.

Some pictures were captured infront of Allied Bank Hazro while a person of Mohallah Abdul was busy in daily routine work.

Some pictures were captured while seasonal stalls of Pakistani flags were fixed at Bank Road Hazro.

On the way to Aba Bakar village at morning from Dhakki Road Hazro.

Some pictures were captured in Town Municipal Administration Office TMA’s Green Lush Lawn while a gardener is jogging on grass.

Chhachh Interchange, located in the area of Tehsil Hazro (District Attock) while on the way to Peshawar on Pakistan Motorway.

An Iftar Party was arranged by Masood Mir (CEO, Meer Enterprises Pvt, Limited.) at the famous restaurant of Hazro city named “Mataham Atteen”.

Pictures were captured last night while Taraweeh session was performed by local Mohallah people under the Imamat of a Hafiz ul Quran in Hazro City.

Pictures were captured while on the way to Hazro City from Adalzai village nearby Patrol Pump at Hameed village road.

Kids from Lundhi (Awan Abad) village while they were playing with Glass Balls (Kancha / Bilor) locally called Bantay.

Tariq Restaurant while famous coast of Fish in Indus River “Mahasher” was fried and enjoyed by friends who were caught in Darya e Sindh.

Few of Wagons as public transport for Waisa village were parked along with private light vehicles.

Infront of Government High School for Boys in Jalalia village while a Hawker was selling Fast-food for students of Jalalia / Mominpur village.

Some pictures were captured while a visit to Saleem Khan village’s Grave Yard in Tehsil Hazro.

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