‘Today Picture’

Some pictures were captured today nearby Kalu Kalan village during an intense foggy weather while on the way to Gondal (G.T. Road).

Grand opening ceremony of Al-madina Shopping Mall, located near Late Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir Chowk, Kamra Cantt.

Pictures were captured while on the way to Damaan village from Dhoke Ibrahim Abad (Malho) and adjoining areas in Tehsil Hazro.

Some pictures were captured today at evening while crossing Baab e Nawaz Sharif, located at the front of General Bus Stand, Hazro City.

Some pictures were captured at newly constructed Masjid at Mohalllah Siddiq e Akbar named “Madina Masjid” at Saleem Khan village, Tehsil Hazro.

Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Market named “Chhachh Sabzi Fruit Merchant / Commission Agent”, located nearby Hazro City Police Station.

Some pictures were captured at a famous triangle point of Hazro named Turbela Morh while a sunny day.

A daily routine view at Asif Clinical Laboratory, Health Services and Medical Store at Haji Abdul Ghaffar Khan Plaza, Main Road Hazro.

Today while a visit to Rawalpindi division’s one of famous Weekly Market named “Itwar ne Mandhi” located on the northern direction of Hazro City.

Some pictures were captured which shows the morning view of Cauliflower fields between Banghai Ghaiba / Mohallah Qazi Pura Hazro.

Ujala Welfare Society (UWS) is the top major Welfare Trust of Attock district which has a perfect management.

Zarri Chapli famous as Hand Made Sandals “Tillay wali Chapli” is one famous product from Hazro City…

Rainbow after rain shows such a nice look for eyes which remain stable for a while and looks awesome for eyes.

Some pictures were captured on Pakistan Motorway M1 Section, at the Exit point for Tehsil Hazro named “Chhachh Interchange”.

Some pictures and a video clip were captured today while a visit to Itwar ne Mandhi “Cattle Market”.

Some pictures were captured while a visit to Motiaan wali Sarkar (Shrine)’s area at Retla Mandhi Hazro.

The Village Restaurants (Hazro) offers a number of Pakistani, continental and international Cuisine.

Some pictures were captured at one of the famous and most popular Hujra of Saleem Khan village (Tehsil Hazro) named Lohara’an wala Khou (Hujra).

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